Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dredging The Sludge 2010: Melaka (210310) Tour Diary

Assalamualaikum and Good Greetings,

Here goes our additional installment of the DTS2010 tour. Enjoy!

21 March 2010

Left Johor Bahru for Melaka at 10.00 am in 2 cars. Harris, Ajax, Zaihas in one car, and Zam and Yan in another car. Gathered around at Machap R&R to take breakfast and catch up on some funny stories.

Arrived in Melaka at 1.00 pm. As usual, we lost our way around Melaka first before finding the Shell petrol station nearby Melaka Sentral. Judging from the way we drove, we should have ended up at Pantai Klebang. We have superb sense of direction, you see.

Josiah (Maddame...) and our good friend Pemain Tennis (from the band Proclaim My Victory) fetched us from Shell, and we drove to Josiah's house. Fetched some members of Predicate Not Defined (Hilda commented about missing Nasi Ambang- as usual), did two rounds of tawaf around Josiah's neighborhood playground for some unexplainable reasons, and drove off to MMU Melaka to fetch another band member from Proclaim My Victory.

We reached Fayralta at about 2.00 pm. Started show at about 2.30 pm with SAA. Super band with funk, rapcore, and even Fu Manchu influences. Zaihas had to stay outside manning the entry booth, he missed out a lot of the actions in the venue. This venue is quite interesting really- please knock the door if you want to pee. It is not free access. Some of the team members went to a nearby Ikan Bakar restaurant to eat lunch.

We had Refund, Triumph Ov Fire, Controlled Issue, Proclaim My Victory (seperti biasa, mereka bercucuk tanam membuat batas-batas ubi yang baru) play. These are good bands, the crowd was having fun! Clocksticking and Maddame... played next. Clocksticking was playing tight as usual, and we had some Hari Raya songs from Maddame... courtesy of Josiah, even though it was way out of season.

Predicate Not Defined played next, the best show they ever gave from what we have seen so far! Superb!

Wynken Delirium played last to a few loyal friends who were still there. Hehehe. Thank you guys!

Zam and Yan left early but reached home late. Harris, Ajax, Zaihas, and Josiah dropped by Ajax's sister's house, and we were treated to an outdoor dinner of Asam Pedas. Thank you so much!!!

Harris, Ajax, Zaihas left Melaka for JB at about 11.00 pm, reached home at about 1.00 am.

Zaihas @ Wynken Delirium

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Alchemy Of Worlds is finally released!

Assalamualaikum, Good Greetings,

Wynken Delirium has officially released its debut album The Alchemy Of Worlds at limited print, low-priced version.

Imagine getting 11 songs at super low price of just SGD5/MYR10 (excluding postage)! Contact us for a copy! While stocks last.

Wynken Delirium

Dredging The Sludge 2010: Singapore (280210) Showcase/Tour Diary

26th February 2010

Zaihas waited at JB train station at 3.00 pm for Danny and Meme who wanted to join us for the trip to Singapore. Turned up train arrival was delayed to 5.00 pm. Zaihas took the 2 hours gap to send his wife and kids to the zoo to watch tigers, crocodiles, birds, owls, and all sorts of animals. Dropped by the Danga seaside to get some mussels and oysters. Danny and Meme called Zaihas just as Zaihas' wife was about to grab a shopping trolley at Giant Tampoi. Okay, so shopping was cancelled and Zaihas went to grab the 2 boys at the JB train station.

Zaihas got sick that night from the oyster he ate. Luth, Zaihas' son was also down with fever. So Danny and Meme hung around the house watching TV, getting online, and sleeping. Hehehe. Poor guys.

27th February 2010

All woke up a bit late, at about 10.00 am. Sent Luth to clinic and Zaihas + QaQa + Danny + Meme were dropped off at C&M to hang out with Zam by Zaihas' wife. For the next 3 hours, we practically tried every instruments in C&M until we were dead bored. Zaihas' wife arrived at 4.00 pm and we went to Danga Bay. As today was QaQa's birthday, we got her a big cake and a big set of toys of gifts. Went back to Zaihas house at about 7.00 pm, getting ready for jamming session that night. Then came in a call, Aizat, a friend of Danny had taken the "tindakan nekad and naked" by taking a bus to JB from KL at the very last minute to join the guys to go to Singapore. Aparaa punya orang. In the end, we had to wait at Skudai Parade to fetch him right before we went jamming.

Jamming went well.

Maddame...'s Josiah, Ashie, and Art arrived in JB at midnight. After they scarily almost veered off to Senai, they ended up in Zaihas' house all right. All had dinner and chatted overnight (Aizat being the target and victim of conversation) before going to sleep.

28th February 2010

All woke up about 9.30 am, washed, had breakfast, and headed off to Larkin bus terminal. We all reached the place at about 12.00 noon and left JB at 12.30 pm. Thanks to the swift actions of our pretty Malaysian immigration officer Miss Crister, we crossed the causeway in no time and arrived in Queens Street at about 2.00 pm. We walked to 141 Jalan Besar, and did soundcheck. Brader Bo and Hairul were already there, and were joined by the rest of the mighty Kaklupunlaks. Zam became the target of attack with his "white kotak kotak pants" by Hairul. Oh tidak. Kaklupunlaks soundchecked next, and this was followed by Maddame...'. We took turns taking lunch at a nearby mamak stall.

Maddame... started the show with hallucigenic noise and heavy sludgy march beats, stunning all those watching them. Kudos to these guys! Kaklupunlaks played next, a bunch of really seasoned experts. They mangled a bunch of rock kapak songs to the point of oblivion, and drummer Shahril was the highlight of the day with his customized drum setup and superb showmanship! Eerie contact lens lah brader! Tak boleh angs. That was not to say the rest of the band was any less powerful. Super tight ensemble!

Wynken Delirium played last at about 6.30 pm, we practically sludged through a full 10 song set plus drums and guitar solos by Yan and Zam! Brader Bo joined in for a cover of Sepultura's Refuse/Resist, splashing mineral water to the crowd in the process. Hehehe. All soaking wet. After a nice get-to-know-and-hang-out session with all who were present, Maddame... and Wynken Delirium departed from Singapore at about 7.30 pm for JB. Danny, Meme, and Aizat stayed back in Singapore as they have more plans to do in Singapore the next day.

We reached JB at about 8.30 pm. Josiah, Ashie, and Art had Nasi Ayam Penyet with Zaihas and family before leaving for Malacca that evening.

Wynken Delirium would like to thank all the people who attended the shows, and purchased the CDs we had on sale. You guys are the best! Thank you Brader Bo, Hairul, all of Kaklupunlaks, Maddame..., Hadi of Fall of Mirra, Kamar Zaman, all the braders and sisters present. We apologize if we forgot anyone's names, we are simply humbled by your attendance!

Wynken Delirium

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dredging The Sludge 2010: Penang (300110) & Taiping (310110) Tour Diary

Assalamualaikum & Good Greetings,

Sorry for the delay in publishing our tour diary. Here goes:

29th January 2010

We departed from Johor Bahru at 10.00 pm in our rented Nissan Urvan, later than the original schedule, due to massive traffic jams caused by stylish wel-wel walkers on Pasir Gudang and Skudai roads in conjuction with Thaipusam. Had fun watching Ajax's gore movie with erratic Malay subtitles- "Ini Sejenis Najis", exclaimed the subtitle in one part of the movie. Unthinkable. Stopped by in Pagoh, and took some rest before continuing.

30th January 2010

Reached Melaka by about midnight, and had good fun getting lost in Melaka for almost an hour before actually arriving in Melaka Central. Collected our good friends Mr Josiah and Ard from uber-band maddame..., too bad Ashie could not join us due to some urgent family matters.

Left Melaka by about 1.00 am. Eddie was on the wheels, and he ended up sending the van flying over a fallen lamp post on the highway somewhere near Subang. Not his fault. There was no way we could avoid that one. We advised him to drive slower the next time. Roads in Malaysia were that dangerous to the point that we anticipated we would find buffaloes on the highway next. Pulled over and checked the damages. Bumper was a bit torn, and we had all numbers and letters all cleanly removed from the registration plate, just like what you see in Sesame Street, thanks to the impact.

Continued the journey, and made a few more stops for coffee and rest. By 9.00 am we arrived at the jetty, and took a ferry to the Penang island. It was fun. We reached Kapitan mamak restaurant by about 9.30 am, and waited for Azwi (Predicate Not Defined) while we had tosai, nasi lemak, and roti prata for breakfast. Azwi suggested that we drive over to Soundmaker Studio to bathe and rest, while waiting for the equipment to be set up.

Did soundcheck at about noon, and then in came these dodgy looking kids with big cameras. Turned out that these were RTM reporters covering an indie band's feature. At a really awkward timing. "Kami dari band XXX (tak tau nama), kami main memang best. Sokonglah kami untuk pertandingan YYY (tak tau nama jugak), kami selalu ada gig kat sini". Oh ye ke? That delayed our souncheck for almost 40 minutes. Nevermind.

Completed soundcheck and stringed up tags for the bands and crews. After all, the tour is self-organized by Predicate Not Defined, Wynken Delirium, and maddame... so we have to do these on our own. Some other bands did their soundchecks as we worked.

Zaihas, Ajax, Zam, and Yan decided that they were getting hungry and needed lunch, tagging Josiah, Ard, and Roy along with them. Eddie and Harris stayed back to watch over the event with Azwi.

The hungry buggers proceeded to the closest Nasi Kandar restaurant and ate their full. They burped happily amidst some complaints about the high price of duck curry, and next ordered 2 sets of rice and dishes for shaky Harris and Eddie who had yet taken their lunch.

By 2.30 pm people started arriving, and show officially started. Ard took the task as the door manager, and he certainly did a superb job at it. Josiah was nailed to his laptop, which in turn was nailed to the merchandise table. By now, Zaihas, Yan, Zam, Harris, Roy, Eddie, and Ajax were unable to contain their sleepiness and took turns sleeping in the equipment room. Those who were awake took turns watching the bands play. We liked Hark Tuih Haha. Clocksticking played very well too.

Wynken Delirium played after Maghrib. It was a good show with good support from all those present, despite some errors here and there. Thank you everyone! We stayed back to watch Predicate Not Defined- glorious live performance as ever! Azwi and the new guitarist were very comfortable with their instruments, and Hilda had greatly improved as a vocalist. Not to mention the young energetic drummer, and the ever-steady abang bassist :)

After the show, we headed straight to Batu Ferringhi to hang out with Tam (Blind Tribe). It took us almost 2 hours to reach there. Massive traffic jam!

31st January 2010

Left Batu Ferringhi right after midnight. Originally promised to meet up with Rizal (ex-Blind Tribe) in Bukit Mertajam, but it took almost 2 hours just to get to the mainland, so we had to drop that plan. A thousand apologies, bro!

Reached Harris' parents house in Lunas by almost 3.00 am. Had a good sleep, and woke up in the morning at about 9.00 am. Had good breakfast with Mummy (Harris' mom), and next we walked to the nasi ayam stall nearby to have a hearty brunch, complete with sup kaki ayam. Left Lunas by about 11.00 am for Taiping.

We reached Kamunting at about 2.00 pm, set up our equipment, and did soundcheck. Bandaq, Fendi, and Busop from Flake Poison turned up and we hung out at a nearby mamak shop. Their other guitarist and drummer were unable to make it for the show, but they still turned up to support the tour. Thanks bros!

We played right after Maghrib, we think. First song was cut off by a blown power supply fuse, but the problem was fixed shortly afterwards. The rest of the set went with no problem. Crowd was crazy, with ladies banging their heads as intensely as guys! Kudos to Taiping kids! Zaihas and Harris handed over their equipment to Bandaq and Fendi for a Flake Poison/Wynken Delirium rendition of Lamb Of God's cover "Redneck". Crowd went wild! We had moshpits, two-steps, joget lambak, and even WWE-style wrestling matches in the crowd.

As usual, we stayed back to watch Predicate Not Defined, and right after the show, we said to each other goodbyes and took photos. Left Kamunting at about 9.00 pm. Zaihas requested that we dropped by Changkat Ibol to visit his uncles. Had good dinner with pekasam and sambal belacan, and we cleared about 2 full pots of rice in the process! Left Changkat Ibol at 11.00 pm.

1st February 2010

Reached Melaka at about 5.00 am and sent Josiah and Ard. Tried to go to the restroom to pee but was denied access by stingy petrol station workers. Drove out towards Johor Bahru shortly afterwards, driven by Roy. Suddenly we smelled smoke and burnt matter. Heck, one of the back tyres had practically disintegrated into pieces! Yan came to the rescue, with his quick actions in replacing it with the spare tyre.

Reached Johor Bahru at about 9.00 am, all weary and sleepy. It was a good experience, nonetheless! More tour diary to come!

Wynken Delirium

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You Brader Bo!

We would like to profusely thank Brader Bo for the humbling article below. Thank you so much bro!



' Lembab dan Berat ' ( slow and heavy)

That was the first ever description I came across regarding Malaysian band Wynken Delirium on a gig flyer in 2009.

I was intrigued. Are they a doom metal / sludge band? Not many of those in Malaysia. In fact I dare say, now that I've heard Wynken Delirium's music and live performance, a RARE commodity.

Present day Malaysia is not a hotbed for anything heavy metal or traditional hard rock. It's INDIE-LAND!!! It's their time now! Sure the otai metal bands or the otai rock kang-kang bands are still around but is there still a consumership, a decent sizeable one that can fill the halls of metal gigs or buy the bands DIY products?Maybe there is still but more likely the number has downsized considerably. Can a Malaysian metalhead shed light on this???? I'm a Singaporean and my views are shaped by what I experience and may not be accurate.

Anyhoo back to INDIE-LAND. Yes the proliferation of Indie Malaya bands. Love em or hate em, they are aplenty these days, to the point that not many show organisers want to give a slot to metal bands. Case in point, the recent ROCK THE WORLD. Yup, one can safely say that WYNKEN DELIRIUM is metal and hard rock's ONLY representative for that show! Sad but true, my metal brethren!

BUT looking at the band's hardwork throughout the years, if there's one band to represent a currently very marginalised genre in Malaysian rock, it would be WYNKEN DELIRIUM.This is a band that writes killer metal/rock tunes and perform them with passion and guts live. This is a band that tirelessly perform one gig after another to brand their name. ( check their myspace: ) This is a band that walks the talk about the metal scene health for they not only play gigs, they help to organise them for other metal bands.

In a land where Indie-Malaya rules, WYNKEN DELIRIUM stands alone and in the realm of Malaysian extreme music, they stand alone as the country's only doom/sludge/stoner rock/metal band. Yet, the band is not contend to being just another sludge band in the whole world. WYNKEN DELIRIUM wants to add elements of their Southeast Asian heritage to their sludge and thus making them a unique entity in the whole of hard rock.

I believe that the glory days of the Rock Kapak / Rock KangKang 80s will not return.

I am also inclined to believe that the 90s underground metal boom is gone forever.

But hard rock and the metal genres can hope for a healthier future in which exists a smaller but dedicated and economically stable metal/rock scene in Malaysia. WYNKEN DELIRIUM may well be the hope for that future.

- burhan skullbanger

Sunday, January 10, 2010

RTW9 + WaysToBleedOnStage Videos In Youtube

Check out new videos in our YouTube page!
Wynken Delirium

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rock The World 9

Assalamualaikum and Greetings,

Wynken Delirium was just back from playing at Rock The World 9, Carpark A, Stadium Bukit Jalil on 26 December 2009. It was a blast! We would like to thank:

Everyone who turned up in front of the Main Stage to see and support us play (you guys are the best!), our super crews: Roy, Eddie, Corey, and Abang for the super duper job of moving and assisting us to set up our rig and preparing the DVD + sticker packages, our photographer Zaufi for the excellent photo shoots (the photos will be posted up MySpace soon), Zam's uncle and aunt and family and Corey and family for the hospitality, meals, and lodging during our stay in Kuala Lumpur (may Allah bless you all), Hamka and David for the opportunity for Wynken Delirium to play in this show and the good job in organizing the show and making sure everything is in order, Kombat Pilgrims (wink wink), the cool sound engineers of the Main Stage for doing such a great job in levelling all our instruments during the show, all the Main Stage crews for making sure all is okay before and during our performance, Andy and family and Flop Poppy for the good relaxing show in Lepaq Cafe Kelana Jaya, and all our friends old and new who we met and get to know! If we missed out anyone, a thousand apologies, but you can be sure that we are very grateful, thankful, and happy for the support!

God bless.


Wynken Delirium

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free Goodies For RTW9

100 pcs each of Jingling Nona video clip DVDs and stickers are ready. To be flung into the crowd during Wynken Delirium's Rock The World 9 session next week. 26-Dec-2009, 1.00 pm, Stadium Bukit Jalil, Carpark A. Be there at the front row to grab these goodies! These are limited edition free of charge stuff! While bigger names in Malaysian music have to charge people for their music, we are giving it away for free!